Policies and Information

General Information

A nutritious snack that follows state guidelines is provided each morning as part of the childcare program. A Snack Attack menu calendar is posted at each center. Parents of children staying for extended-day care will need to furnish a nutritious lunch and an afternoon snack each day. We encourage well-balanced lunches containing foods from the 4 basic food groups. Please avoid lunches that require heating or microwaving. If refrigeration is necessary, please provide an ice pack. We will save uneaten food to give you an idea of how much to pack. On field trip days, please provide a disposable sack lunch for your child. If your child has allergies to any food or food groups or has special dietary needs, please make the center staff aware of this in writing. NAPS Children in extended care will rest quietly on a mat provided by the school. Parents are asked to bring two small blankets (crib size) – labeled with your child’s name. No pillows, please. Your child may choose to bring one small stuffed animal. Blankets should go home weekly to be laundered.

At the end of each morning, children may share with their classmates some of their work from that school day that they are especially proud of. Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school. It is very difficult for a child to share his special toy, whereas the school toys belong to everyone. Our staff cannot be responsible for lost or broken items from home.

While at the centers, the children are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities both inside and out. These activities include running, jumping, painting, and playing in water and sand. They should dress accordingly. Clothes should be easy for the child to manage so they can take care of their bathroom needs. All jackets, sweaters & removable garments should be marked with the child’s name. All children should have an extra set of clothes in his/her cubby, including socks, underwear, pants, & shirt, in a labeled zip-lock bag.

A curriculum calendar, which often includes both process and product oriented art projects, is sent home with your child each month. Please check your child’s cubby daily for any treasures and surprises. Your child’s creativity and talents go into each of his/her projects, and they are anxious to share them with you.

We welcome the opportunity to share in your child’s birthday celebration at the center. If parents would like, they may send a special snack to share. (No cupcakes please!) Prior arrangements should be made with the center Director.

There will be at least two bus field trips during the school year and at least one walking field trip per month into the surrounding community. You will be notified well in advance. The walking field trip permission slip is part of the Enrollment forms. We also strive to have community workers and visiting artists come to our school.

The staff at CASTLE respects, understands, and supports the role of the family in a child’s life. We need parent’s/guardian’s input and ideas to best care for your child’s individual needs, because you are the expert on your child. The staff at CASTLE are in a unique position because we come in contact with parents/guardians on a daily basis. We hope that you come to think of us as part of the extended family that cares for and supports the positive development of your child.

The most direct line of communication is to talk directly to the director and/or teaching staff. Please feel free to do so at any time. We welcome your questions and concerns. Staff can provide information regarding your child’s daily activities. If you feel you need further information or assistance, don’t hesitate to call the Program Coordinator at the business office. CASTLE continues to improve and develop through the insights of the parents!

Scheduled conferences are held once a year. Parents or staff may request conferences at any time.

Children, families, and staff all benefit when parents or other family members come into the program to share traditions, cultural information, hobbies, interests, skills or careers. In the past, parents have shared recipes, grandparents have come in to sing songs, and parents have shared cultural items such as photos and quilts. Parent participation leads to closer relationships, giving the children a wider sense of community. Please let us know if you have a special interest or connection that you’d like to share.

Look for announcements, such as field trips, sign-ups lists, special events, programs, schedules, and parent meetings on the Parent Bulletin Board, near the sign-out book. The monthly curriculum calendar will be posted here. It lists many of the special activities planned by the teachers. The Snack Attack calendar will also be displayed.

Notices, statements, and other communications will often be placed on your child’s sign-out page. We ask that you please take the time to read and discuss each note. Notes can include:
*Ouch reports for any first aid or injury
*FYI’s to inform you of an incident that occurred during the day
*Think Sheets or other behavior information
*Notices about registration, closures, calendars, field trips, special events, etc.
*Monthly Statements

CASTLE Preschool (3 & 4-years):
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