Online payments

Pay your tuition online.
No charge for EFT (electronic funds transfer) from your checking account.
Administration fee charged for Debit/Credit cards.
Simply sign up for Tuition Express.
You can decide when to pay or we can withdraw your balance due automatically
on the 10th of the month.
Download the forms below and bring into the CASTLE office.
 For one-time only payments without saving
your credit card information, go to, and
start an account using the email that CASTLE has on file for you.
You will be able to view your account and make a one-time payment.
Administration fees apply.

Pay Online with

Simply go to

Log in to your account (which you may have used for food service) OR create an account by pressing “Register for a free account”
> Find your school district
> Select Sebastopol Union School District
> Add an account by entering your personal information and setting your id# and password.
> Go to “My household” to add your student(s)
> Click on “Add Student” and choose the school that your child attends, then add your student’s name & student number. If you do not know your child’s student’s number, we can obtain it for you.

Then you may make a payment. You will be charged a $1.95 fee.
> Choose CASTLE tuition (you may have to go to School Store, then Categories, then CASTLE tuition)
> then CASTLE Child Care tuition (Click on View Details)
> Enter amount to pay and select student, then add to basket, then go to basket by clicking on shopping cart icon
> Select Billing Account
> Enter your card # and other information and SUBMIT

Your payment information will be emailed to CASTLE and credited to your account within one or two business days. Save a copy for you records. Questions? Call Dot at 829-4578 or email [email protected]